A sister company to RightPath Industries RightPath Medical Diagnostics was created to become a single source of purchasing needs for Medical Diagnostic Laboratories .  In today’s market place many of these supply lines are disjointed causing purchasing professionals the need to create several orders to several different vendors.  We have bridged this gap and provided a single company with the agility to offer a wide variety of products focusing on niche laboratories within the Medical, histology and Pathology markets.  We offer a significant amount of knowledge to our customers in look to not only be a trusted supplier partner but also a valuable asset to the laboratory and purchasing professional.  We offer free shipping on all orders over $500.00 as well as no non contract shipping charges, no fuel charges, no duplicate hazardous charges and pricing that is good for the entire calendar year.  This combined with our Quad A principles we believe sets us apart significantly from other laboratory suppliers in the market place.  We offer specialty fixatives, control slides, and many other items you may be using in a medical laboratory. Please allow RightPath Medical Diagnostics to, “lead you to the correct results.”

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve.

Our Values

  • Always reliable.  We believe that creating a strong relationship relies on being a reliable supplier.  We are there when you need us.
  • Always consistent. We believe that for a supplier to be reliable they must be consistent in the business interactions with their customers and suppliers.
  • Always searching.  We believe and know that new products and lower cost alternatives are always being introduced into the market place.  Allowing and giving our customers the options to choose their products with some of our own insight is paramount in increasing efficiency and profitability to our customers.
  • Always open. We believe that being open and honest with our customers is the best policy.  Allowing for transparent transactions is key in creating a longstanding trusting business relationships.